EAGE Digital Talks: Digital Ecosystems

Watch this recording from the EAGE Digital 2020 conference featuring Martin Galavazi (Fugro) in discussion with key industry players on the dynamics of digital ecosystems and managing the complex aspects of collaboration and partnerships.

The success of a digital ecosystem therefore depends on both relational and technical aspects. Relational aspects may include mutual commitment and transparency of partners, fear of supplier lock-in and focus on the ‘win’ of the other. Technical aspects may include data exchange formats, connectivity standards and system integrations for instance. How can we encourage both the relational as well as technical aspects that are required to deliver on the potential of digital ecosystems in large scale energy operations? How can we also leverage new technology partners and foster open collaborations with traditional competitors?

Panelists include:

  • Jamie Cruise, Head of Products for Data, Digital Subsurface Solutions – Schlumberger
  • Ali Al-Mujani, Chairman and CEO – Target Group
  • Andreas Blumauer, Founder and CEO – Semantic Web Company

Interested in more discussions like this? Join us at EAGE Digital 2022 to discuss the key challenges and emerging solutions in digital transformation for the energy industry.


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