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General Details for Presenters

Congratulations on your acceptance to the Technical Programme of EAGE Digital 2024.

Please carefully review the details on the following pages to prepare for your presentation.

Speaker Checklist

  • Confirm your presentation¬† – Confirm the presenting author via the online form as soon as possible. Follow this link for details.
  • Register for the conference – All speakers must be registered for the conference. Click here to complete your registration.
  • Prepare your presentation – Review the instructions for Oral and Poster Presentations using the tabs on this page.

Proceedings on EarthDoc

The proceedings of the conference will be uploaded to EarthDoc as soon as possible. Please keep in mind that if you withdraw your presentation, it will also be removed from EarthDoc.

Your extended abstract(s) will be published on EarthDoc, EAGE’s publication database, 2 weeks prior to the event at the latest.
We urge every speaker/submitter author to check that the abstract(s) has been published correctly, including all the metadata, such as the title, author(s) name(s) and affiliation(s).

Requests for correction will not be accepted later than one (1) week after the event’s start date.
Content changes are not allowed after the abstract has been reviewed and accepted for presentation.

Programme Changes

EAGE reserves the right at all times to make changes in the time schedule, dates, format (hybrid-in person ‚Äď online), concept of the event.

If, due to circumstances beyond the reasonable control of EAGE the execution of the Event as planned is prevented or impeded, or when the minimum number of Participants needed to operate the Event (or part of the event) is not reached, EAGE has the following rights:

a.) to change the time and /or date of the Event;

b.) to change the venue where the Event takes place;

c.) to change the Format (on-site, on-line or a combination of both) or part of the format, the length, the duration or scope of the event


If you have any questions about the technical programme, please contact us at abstracts@eage.org.

Oral Presentations

Oral Presentations

Oral presenters will each have 20 minutes for their presentation:

  • 15 minutes for Presentation
  • 5 minutes for Q&A

Please download the mandatory Power Point Presentation Template for your presentation.

Guidelines for Speakers

A good oral presentation has a clear objective, a well-defined structure and uses clear and simple illustrations.

Objective & Structure

Your objective defines what you wish to achieve with your presentation. To achieve a realistic objective you must consider the characteristics of your audience: their motives for attending your presentation, their interests, their knowledge level and their intentions.

The structure of a good presentation is as follows:

  • Define the subject, give a general outline and state the goals of your presentation in your introduction.
  • Work out your presentation in more detail.
  • Summarise and draw conclusions, which refer back to your introduction.

Please be very careful that your presentation is scientific and not commercial. In addition, the company logo or trademarks are allowed only in the first and on the last page of the power point slides.

We recommend you to make an overview with the estimated timing of your presentation and to prepare yourself for questions from the audience. Rehearsal of your presentation is strongly recommended! Please note that presenting to a live audience can take a little longer than during a rehearsal.

It is important to adhere to the time schedule: 20 minutes in total per presentation (in example 15 minutes speaking time and 5 minutes question time).

Poster Presentations

Poster Presentations

The poster sessions will focus on interaction and informal exchange of ideas and discussions between participants. All on-site poster presenters have in total 45 minutes to present their work during the poster session, including time for questions. However the poster will be on display throughout the 3-day conference. This should be mounted between 08:00 hrs and 09:00 hrs (TBC). 

What to Prepare?

A0 Poster (Printed) using mandatory Poster Template (PPT) or Poster Template (PDF)

In order to obtain a design for your poster which aims to generate active discussion it is recommended to:

  • Include the paper reference (abstract number) and presentation title on your poster;
  • Place the highlights at eye level (i.e. the upper half of the wall element);
  • Divide each poster into at least three equal columns for readability of text. Illustrations may extend over 2 or 3 columns;
  • Text and Character Size:
    • Word-process all text (including captions) and print on a plain light coloured background.
    • Use a minimum font size of 18 points. (Text should be readable from 2 meters away.)
  • Illustrations:
    • Should have a resolution of 300 dpi to be suitable for printing on A0.
    • Should be placed large enough on the poster so it is readable from five feet away.
  • Poster Format:
    • The maximum allowed paper size is A0.
    • There is one (1) poster board available per presentation; you are required to use ‘Portrait’ layout for your poster.

Please be very careful that your presentation is scientific and not commercial. In addition, the company logo or trademarks are allowed only in small size on the poster.


Dominique Guérillot

President & CEO TERRA 3E

Prof. Dr Dominique Guérillot, former member of the Executive Committee of IFP and Program Director for the Upstream R&D of Saudi Aramco, he is focusing in Oil and Gas Exploration and Production including Unconventional, CO2 EOR and Carbon storage. After a PhD in Applied Mathematics, he joined IFP in 1982 in the Reservoir Engineering Dpt.

He started his career in the Exploration and Production sector developing Expert system for selecting EOR methods and Advanced Compositional Reservoir Simulators for EOR (CO2 and thermal methods).

In 1985, he began cooperating with geologists and he invented with the Paris School of Mines the first software package integrating reservoir characterization and flow simulations in porous media proposing innovative methods for upscaling absolute permeabilities.

After being the Director of the Geology and Geochemistry (95-01, in 2001, he became member of the Executive Committee of IFP and Managing Director of Exploration and Reservoir Engineering Centre with a total budget of 30 Millions of Euros. Consequently, IFP nominated him as board member of several Exploration and Production subsidiaries of IFP: Beicip-Franlab and RSI in France, IFP MEC in Bahrain, etc. He developed new strategic orientations for the business unit he was in charge modifying its business model to generate revenues based on royalties through the development of several strategic marketed software for IFP.

In 2009, he created a Young Innovative Company (YIC), Terra 3E, in Energy and Environment: http://www.Terra3E.com developing innovative plug-ins in Petrel software among which the first tool for accurate calculations of fluids in place for gas and oil shales and upscaling transmissivities. From 2010 to 2013, he was senior expert for Petrobras, Brazil.

In 2012, he served the European Commission for selecting R&D projects on CO2 Storage. In 2013, Qatar Petroleum called Dominique Guérillot for developing their R&D Centre at the Qatar Sciences and Technology park in Doha, Qatar. He is currently full professor at Texas A&M University in their campus of Qatar.

He published more than 50 full and refereed papers, holds 5 patents, is member of the IJOGCT editorial team, the SPE and EAGE associations, is referee of the Oil & Gas Science and Technology (OGST), and member of the editorial board of the Petroleum Geoscience journal of the Geological Society.

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