EAGE Digital recognises the importance of Start-ups and entrepreneurs, and therefore we are offering start-ups a special discounted fee and speaker participation. We’re looking for innovative and disruptive technologies that transform the digital space not only in Oil and Gas, but across different applications of geoscience and energy transition. 

EAGE supports participation of startups with a special fee of €1500 for the Start-Up package.


  • A Start-up area booth includes the following:
    • Table top display (space only);
    • 2 meters of space behind the table (any background materials need to be produced by the company and brought to the venue themselves);
    • 1 table and 2 chairs;
    • 1 power socket;
    • Daily cleaning.
  • Daily Presentation at the Start-up area
    An E-display presentation during the daily poster sessions 
  • Promotion prior, during and after the event, through EAGE channels
  • For every Start-up Area accepted, 2 vouchers are issued. These vouchers can be used for free registration of 1 exhibition only delegate per voucher:

Upgrade your booking

We understand that connecting with the right audience and getting your name out there is important for you, so make sure to take advantage of these additional opportunities to upgrade your participation. Promote your company to our wider EAGE community pre or post event, and join EAGE as a member to stay involved in other relevant activities and benefit from registration discounts and access to EarthDoc.

Get in touch:

Interested to find out more? The process is simple: tell us about your start-up and why you’re a good fit for EAGE Digital. Send an email to corporaterelations@eage.org to schedule a call.

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