Digital: Delivering better energy in a transforming world

Our world is changing rapidly in many directions. Uncertainties are becoming the new norm. To keep up with this pace of change, we need to explore, find, and produce faster advantage barrels while also finding solutions for reaching net zero. This requires us to make the most of our data and use the best available technologies to unlock the right investment decisions faster.

To make the most of new technologies in geoscience projects, we need to invent new ways of working. This requires close collaboration with “new tech” industries to reach our goals and fuel the energy transition.

We are living in a time of great change in our industry and technology can help fill gaps created by emerging crises. The digital forum will be structured around three main axes:


The digital revolution is here, and our industry must seize it. We need to organize ourselves with new tools and workflows to deliver the energy the world needs. Welcome to Paris and let’s discuss and embark together on this journey!


Gautier Baudot

Vice President Exploration Excellence & Transformation TotalEnergies

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A new era has begun. Digitalization means change in every industry and enterprise, for everyone. Maintaining the status quo is not an option and rigid organizations will face difficult times. Your participation in this conference is an important step towards recognizing the challenge and getting ready for potential solutions. EAGE Digital supports digitalization by harnessing learnings from the energy and other industries, mainly addressing three major topics:


See you all in London in 2023! I am excited to launch the next EAGE Digital Conference, where the theme will be “Technology Driving Innovation for the Future”.

Digitalization continues to be a key topic for our O&G community, with an ever-growing pace of delivery and still attracting significant investment, old and new talent. We see new companies being formed by leveraging digital technologies and new ways of working to disrupt our legacy workflows, and also see the community coming together to solve common problems together (like in the OSDU forum). Current market forces and volatility bring higher uncertainty into our industry, accentuating the need for new approaches and better results faster.

In 2023 we will continue the EAGE journey in this space. Following from Vienna in 2022 where we focused in the leadership aspects needed to enable digitalization and its impact on our business, in 2023 we will take a look at digitalization as a key enabler to Innovation and to the industry transformation needed through the Energy Transition.

Great disruptive ideas, at the core of every key industry innovation, are usually made of several smaller good ideas that came together. Your participation in the conference is a critical step in furthering the discussion and generating insights on how our community will continue to innovate and thrive in the future.

Gabriel Guerra
EAGE Digital 2023 Conference Chair
Vice President Digital Ventures, Shell Exploration


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