EAGE Digital 2022 Health and Safety Guidelines

Attending Safely In-Person

The health and safety of our on-site participants remains our top priority. Together with our venue partners we have developed a set of enhanced measures  to ensure the highest standards of safety for all attendees in accordance with guidelines from local authorities.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely and adhere to strict standards to ensure a safe conference environment; allowing you to focus on learning and networking while attending in-person.

*The below details are accurate to the best knowledge of the organisers and venue, and may be subject to updates pending changes in local government regulations.

See official government pages at the bottom of this page.

Conference Entry

All persons entering the EAGE Digital 2022 Conference & Exhibition must be registered. Conference and exhibition badges can be collected at the registration desk. Contact details submitted at registration may be used for contact tracing purposes.

On-site registration can be done via the conference website with assistance from the on-site team.

All persons entering the venue must pass a “2G Proof”. This includes either:

  • Proof of vaccination with an EMA-approved vaccine against COVID-19 (Biontec/Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson). The second vaccination is valid for 180 days from the date of the second vaccination after which a booster vaccine is required. Vaccination certificates for one dose with Janssen lose their validity as of January 3, 2022. A second dose is required (at the earliest 14 days after the first dose) to maintain the validity of the vaccination certificate.
  • Proof of recovery by an official discharge certificate (valid for 180 days), a medical confirmation of a prior infection confirmed by means of a molecular test (valid for 180 days)
  • Visit the official page of the Vienna Convention Bureau for more details

Preventative Measures

  • Social distancing will be enforced throughout the entire meeting
  • Wearing a FFP-2 mask is mandatory indoors when not actively eating or drinking
  • A COVID-19 prevention plan will be prepared in accordance with the Austrian Ministry of Health

Additional Hygiene Measures

  • Hand disinfectant dispensers around the entire venue
  • Hand disinfectants, disposable paper towels and soap in all sanitary facilities
  • All touch points and sanitary facilities are cleaned in short and regular intervals
  • 100% fresh air via ventilation system (air replaced several times per hour)
  • Reduction of surface contact through open doors (exception: fire safety doors)
  • Wherever possible, ingress and egress channels will be separated to prevent close contraflow crowd build-ups

Additional Resources

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