Abstracts are invited on but not limited to the below topics. 


Digitalization and Insight Generation

  • Data – the Asset in Digital Transformation
  • Decoding the building blocks of Digital: Cloud, Datalakes, and more
  • Learning from Unstructured documents 
  • Moving from relational to knowledge graph approaches

Applied Analytics & Machine Learning 

  • Automated subsurface interpretation
  • Pragmatic Approaches
  • Machine Learning Assisted Geophysics 
  • Data-Driven Production & Operations Optimization in Mature Assets 
  • Wells, core, thin sections, and logs: everything from upscaling through missing log prediction and pay zone detection
  • Studies in Success: Case Studies in Subsurface Analytics
  • Model Interpretability
  • Machine learning models in production

The Digital Subsurface: Innovation, Collaborative Competition, and growing the Digital Toolkit

  • Connectivity, IOT, and remote sensing 
  • Innovation, Design Thinking, and Cultural Transformation in Energy
  • Growing the right skills for the aspiring digital geologist
  • Digital Management: decision flow optimization
  • The challenge of handling Big Data from sensors and IOTs
  • Digital twins

Digitalization as a Lever for Energy Transition

  • Technologies for structures integrity analysis & environmental monitoring
  • Energy trading, smart grids and energy forecasting
  • Sustainability of digital technologies and risks involved

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