Challenges to solutions, one talk at a time. The EAGE Digital is all about creating connections and what better way to make new connections than joining our Mentoring Programme?

By becoming a mentor or mentee you have the chance to enrich your path through the event by getting to know another attendee and sharing a part of their journey.

About the Mentoring Programme

The Programme consists of a match between two registered delegates of the conference.

Different matching options are possible: are you a young professional seeking career guidance? Several EAGE volunteers are senior geoscientists who can transfer valuable experience. Are you in your mid-career and considering your next step? Discussing with someone who has been in your place before might be a great way to find your path forward! Or if you are interested in learning about a different path, you may also opt to connect with a professional from another field.

So whether you are at the start of your career,  or have experience to share, you can sign up to be matched with another attendee at the start of the event and attend in good company!

How does it work?

Participating in the Mentoring Programme is free for registered attendees. Applications will open on 27 February and close on 21 March 2023.

All you need to do is fill in a quick form; if a mentor or a mentee that fits your criteria is available, you will be connected via e-mail. Note the match will be based on the preferences you expressed in the form. We will endeavour to find a good match for you: if there are no available profiles matching the specific preferences that you indicated, the closest matching possibility will be proposed.

The next steps are up to you: matched participants are responsible for initiating communications and free to connect during the conference without obligations. We encourage participants to connect early to make the most of their mentoring time at the event. Here are some suggestions to get started:

  • Introduce yourself and state your motivation for joining the programme
  • Share plans for attending the event (Are there sessions or activities that you could attend together and discuss?)
  • Share/ask advice about the programme (Which sessions or activities do you recommend attending?)
  • Agree on follow-ups and action points, for example at the end of the day or after specific sessions or activities

You are welcome to meet your mentor/mentee at the EAGE Hub on 20 March from 12:30 to 13:30.

From a one-time chat to a lifelong friendship, mentoring is a 2-way exchange process that can add great value to your EAGE Digital experience and expand your professional horizons. Make sure to join!


In all activities we expect our members to adhere to the word and spirit of our Professional and Ethical Standards set down in Article XVI of our By-Laws.

In line with the mission of EAGE, the purpose of this programme is to foster fellowship and cooperation between members to promote the development of the geoscience and engineering fields. Please note that while advice on job seeking and career opportunities might be topics covered within a match, the following are excluded from the scope of this mentoring programme: requests for employment, visa assistance and any requests made with the goal of financial gain. Should you receive requests that are not relevant to the goals of the programme, please inform us.

Contact us for questions and comments.

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