Do you wish to be part of the strategic programme? You can submit your proposals for a presentation, Panel Discussion or Roundtable Talk. The below list provides a guide for submission topics but we are also open to receiving new ideas.


What is Digital Transformation from our perspective?

  • High-end digital technologies
  • Value of information
  • Change of leadership mindset required
  • New strategic partnering with “unusual” partners
  • Challenges to organisational structure and culture

Where do we see the Benefits of Digital Transformation?

  • Flexibility – home office setup, global allocation of experts where needed
  • Efficiency – no search for information, advisory systems, connected platforms
  • Automation – HSSE (man-less operations)
  • Risks and Opportunities – decision making in a volatile environment
  • Negative aspects and limitations

Unusual Times – Right Times for Digitalization?

  • Vision and value drivers for Digitalization
  • Organization, culture and processes fit for digitalization
  • Corona pandemic dramatically impacts ways of working

Scalability – from potential to successful implementation?

  • Moving from concepts to standards
  • Delivering organizational value
  • OSDU – How far are we in lifting the entire industry to the next level?
  • Examples of successful implementation of digital enablers
  • Case studies of successful technology implementation

Digitalisation for energy efficient and safe operations

  • Unmanned platforms and sensors for low-carbon data acquisition and operations
  • Real-time and continuous monitoring technologies
  • Stable operations
  • Augmented reality and remote operations for HSSE

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