Session: Digital Transformation

Date and time: 20 March, 15:55 – 17:15

Location: Innovation Hub

Use the links below to evaluate the talks:

1. Analogue identification and evaluation for field development planning presented by D. Lucas-Clements
Authors: R. Vhanamane1, G.S. Shergill1, D. Lucas-Clements1, P. Webber2 (1 SLB; 2 S & P Global)
2. Accelerating decision making with automated QC workflows for full-waveform inversion presented by D. Halliday
Authors: D. Halliday1, S. Roy1, D. Kulakov1, J. Wu1, A. Billa1, J. Xu1, M. Elbadry1, R. Bloor1 (1 SLB)
3. Productization of Digital Transformation in the Subsurface presented by C. Hanton
Authors: C. Hanton1 (1 Ikon Science)
4. Data Foundations: Unlocking the Potential of Subsurface Machine Learning Workflows presented by J.P. Tomlinson
Authors: J. Tomlinson1, S. Edmond1 (1 Ikon Science)

Speakers share their expertise and insight during the EAGE Digital 2023 programme. Would you help them by answering a few questions about their talks? Best evaluated talks can receive an increased exposure and recognition through the below:

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  • be part of a ‘Best of’ exchange with another event or association
  • be invited to become EAGE’s instructor

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