Seismic 3D visualisation and facies recognition

Tuesday March 21, 2023 | 15:55 – 17:20 CET

Many companies have started to adopt machine learning algorithms for Oil&Gas exploration routine tasks. Yet, experts struggle with classical view and usage of Python notebooks and seek convenient and modern tools for data visualisation.

  • AWS together with Data Analysis Center have developed content and are inviting industry experts to join the workshop at EAGE Digital 2023
  • All the computations and data will be launched on AWS Cloud, available for participants during the event. (GPU-servers)
  • Open Source code for the demo will be published with all the necessary material to self-study after presented at the workshop. (ML & visualisation)

Workshop schedule

  • Interpretation with seismic data in 3D (DAC Tutorial) – 40 mins
  • Facies Task in the Cloud Executing ML in real-time (AWS) – 20 mins
  • Q&A, testing, brainstorming, networking – 15 mins

For registered participants:

Participation in the workshop is free for conference and exhibition delegates. All participants can follow the workshop with no prior experience. Registration enables to use interactive webpage to better exercise the workshop content.

Of course, we will try to accommodate interested participants on-sight, but we cannot guarantee that you will have login and pass to get inside the demo.

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